• Cancellation and postponement of VDEWS 2020

Villa d'Este
Wine Symposium

Due to COVID-19, we regret to announce the cancellation of VDEWS 2020 and its postponement until next year. We warmly thank you for your understanding.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions.
Yours sincerely, François Mauss

The Wine Industry Post Corona  

This year's edition of the Villa d’Este Wine Symposium will be dedicated to discussing how the world of fine wine will adapt to the changed world dynamics post Corona. 
More than ever the industry’s leaders, will have to stand together in order to help our world of wine recover after this year’s tremendous challenges and the changes they entail.
Our industry is highly affected, but as with all crisis, also this one gives rise to creativity and new opportunities. We need to stand together to find news ways to safeguard our beloved “Grand Vin” as part of the future without loosing quality, craftsmanship, tradition and centuries old passion and knowledge. This is the true time for the world of fine wine to transition.


The Villa d'Este Wine Symposium

Villa d'Este Wine Symposium, created by the president and founder of the Grand Jury Europeen Francois Mauss, was born from the simple idea of gathering once per year for 4 days, the major actors of the wine industry: producers, negociants, distrubutors, suppliers, medias, politics and wine lovers or collectors.


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Main theme The future of the "Grand Vin"
Honoured country Portugal

VDEWS 2020

You want to participate to the next VDEWS edition ? Ask us for more information.
The Villa d'Este Wine Symposium is a private event with a limited number of participants. All registration requests will be examined before acceptance. 


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